Since its establishment, the International Fire Service Information Center ( IFSIC ) has
been actively engaged  in the provision of  information on the fire service in  Japan for
the people of the world as well as the gathering and provision of information on the fire
services of various countries in the world.
Fire Service in Japan
The IFSIC has translated a number of reference materials to introduce acts, regulations
and systems relating to fire and disaster prevention in Japan. These include the English
versions of the "Fire and Disaster Management Organization Act", "Fire Service Act",
"Cabinet Order  for Enforcement of the Fire Service Act", "Ministerial Ordinance for
Enforcement of the Fire Service Act", "Cabinet Order Concerning the Control of Hazardous
Materials" and "Guidelines for Maintenance of Fire Service Strength". Other English
publications intro-ducing the state of the fire service in Japan are "Fire Service in Japan",
"Fire Prevention Administration in Japan", "Inspection System for Fire Protection Machinery
and Tools in Japan" and "Inspection and Reporting System of Japan’s Fire Service".
Fire Services in the World
Information gathered on the fire services in various countries is provided. At present,
information on the state of the fire service in 13 countries (UK, Germany, France, USA,
Korea, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand and Singapore)
is available in PDF.(Japanese only)
International Forum on Fire and Disaster Management
Documents used in the forum provided by FDMA
Disaster in Japan and Disaster Prevention Measures
Various reports on large-scale disasters occurred in Japan since 2011
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